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LYTIVAGEN Hand Drill Conversion Connecting Rod Shank Arbor Mandrel Drill Adaptor Electric Drill Variable Angle Grinder Connecting Rod Converter Set for Electric Grinding, Tile Cutting, Metal Polishing
  • Strong Iron: The Conversion Polishing Set of this angle grinder is made of high quality iron, which is strong, durable and resistant to high temperatures. It will not deform even in the high temperature generated by cutting metal. It is very suitable for cutting and polishing work on electric drills.
  • Safer Use: The conversion shaft of this Arbor Chuck Shank adopts triangular shaft shank design, which can get stuck firmly in electric drill without slipping, making it safer for use.
  • 2 Conversion Shaft Sizes: These Angle Grinding Tools include two different sizes of conversion shafts, which are 6mm and 10mm in diameter, which can be applied to most electric drills, so no you have to worry about the size.
  • Simple Installation: The installation method of this product is very simple. You just need to open the electric chuck, insert conversion shaft (the threaded end up), and then place the black pressure plate, polishing plate and silver pressure plate firmly. So, you can use it.
  • Wide Uses: This set of Angle Grinding Tool can be used with various cutting and polishing discs of different functions. It can be used for cutting, grinding, polishing, removing rust, removing paint, etc. It can be used in various molds, furniture, jewelry, etc., which is very practical.
Bestseller Drill mandrel
ZHENA 32 Pcs Set Disc Drill Blades and Mandrel, Resin Metal Cutting Wheels with HSS Circular Saw Blades for Wood Stone Metal Cutting
  • 【KIT CONTIENT】: 6x mandrins, 6xlames de scie circulaire HSS, 10x disques à tronçonner diamant, 10x disques à tronçonner en résine, répondre aux votre besoins d'utilisation.
  • 【RESIN METAL CUTTING WHEELS】: Peut couper le métal, le plastique, la transformation du châssis, le mandrin de connexion en métal mince pour les circuits imprimés et la production de bricolage.
  • 【HSS CIRCULAR SAW BLADES】: Acier rapide, diamètre extérieur 22/25/32/35/44 / 50mm. Il peut couper le bois, les produits en plastique, l'alliage d'aluminium, le métal mou, etc.
  • 【DISQUE À TRONÇONNER DIAMANT】: Il peut couper des pierres précieuses, du jade et du verre. Efficacité de coupe, durabilité élevée et performances stables.
  • 【UTILISATIONS】: Le jeu de mini circular saw blades peut être utilisé pour les perceuses électriques, les meuleuses suspendues, les meuleuses électriques, etc. Le mandrin convient à la plupart des meuleuses électriques ou des outils rotatifs et pneumatiques.
Bestseller Drill mandrel
Cutting Discs for Dremel, Rotary Tool Accessories Disc Drill Blades, Mini Circular Saw Blades for Wood Plastic Metal Cutting(8Pcs)
  • Widely Used: 6 mini disc drill blades are suitable for DREMEL, FORDOM Drills Rotary Tools, most of electric tools, carving tools.
  • High Quality Material: Strong HSS, follow the unique advanced scientific cutting principle to avoid the defect of other saw cutting wheels
  • Size of disc drill blades:22(* 0.8 *6.35 diameter; mandrel shank 1/8".
  • Dremel cutting discs are applying for cutting wood, plastic, fiber, glass, aluminum alloy,, soft metal etc.
  • Note: Not allow for cutting hard object such as hard steel, and please hold carefully to prevent to get hurt by blades.
Bestseller Drill mandrel
10Pcs 40mm Diamond Cutting Off Discs Wheel Rotary Tool with 2 Mandrel Arbor Set
  • Great tools for DIY, craft work, jewelry making or silver smithing. These discs are super thin making them perfect for making slots and slits.
  • These discs are coated on both sides as well as around the edge. Ideal For Cutting: Gem stones, metal, glass, ceramics, porcelain, tiles, carbide, rocks.
  • Disc Diameter: 40mm. Disc Thickness: 0.5-0.6mm.
  • Arbor Shaft Length: 38mm. Arbor Shaft Diameter At Top: 4.5mm. Arbor Shaft Diameter At Bottom: 3mm.
  • Material: Diamond
Bestseller Drill mandrel
sourcingmap 5/8"(16mm) Drill Angle Grinder Mandrel Adapter Disk Holder 2 Wrench Set 3 in 1
  • Features: Fit for diamond grinding disk wheel with 5/8-inch (16mm) arbor hole
  • Package: Including one disk holder,one pin wrench and one open ended wrench.
  • Application: Used for machining mold surfaces, jewellery, handicrafts. Ideal for ultra-fine grinding, engraving, polishing, etc..
  • Versatile Use: Professional fittings drill angle grinder. The drill can meet the electric drill grinding, tiles cutting, wood and metal polishing. (Need to self-purchase grinding plate).
  • Notice: Pay attention to tighten the plate to prevent cutting piece flying out. Do not stand beside.
Bestseller Drill mandrel
7Pcs HSS Rotary Tool Saw Blades, Mini Circular Saw Blade Set, Wood Cutting Discs Mandrel Mini Drill with (3.175mm) 1/8" Extension Rod by AniSqui
  • Premium Quality ----- Made of strong HSS (High Speed Steel), durable and firm,The Maximum RPM of mini Circular Saw Blade Set is 20000, so it is possible to make these functions (settings accurately, quickly, and accurately cut).
  • Better & Faster & Durable ------ High Speed Steel blades set for accurate, fast and precision cutting, can be completed in 2 minutes. The cutting piece at least six months to a year before grinding, the operation is also very simple.
  • Multipurpose ----- Our mini Circular Saw Blade Set is suitable for timber, plastic, fiberglass, copper, aluminium and soft metal etc. soft metal. An indispensable tool for carving work.
  • Available in 6 Diameters ----- Our rotary tool saw blades has 6 PCS Different Size Circular Saw Blades (22*0.8*6.35mm, 25*0.8*6.35mm, 32*0.8*6.35mm, 35*0.8*6.35mm, 44*0.8*6.35mm, 50*0.8*6.35mm), and also has 1 PCS Extension Rod (3.175mm) 1/8"" straight shank for firmly holding and accurate centering.
  • Note!!! ----- When using these saw blade, the mandrel must be clamped into bottom (as shown in Figure 4). Because the center of gravity of the rod front is heavier, under high-speed rotation, inertia will change its running track! ! ! Therefore, the mandrel must be clamped into bottom, otherwise, the saw blade may be bent.
Bestseller Drill mandrel
10mm Shank Arbor Mandrel Drill Adaptor for Grinder Cut Off Wheels Disc Tools
  • This Electric Drill Grinder Connecting Rod, is Suitable for most Drill Chucks.
  • The Triangular Shape Shank is Designed to Allow a Firm Grip from the Drill Chuck.
  • It Converts your Electric Drill into an Angle Grinder for Cutting /Grinding Disc Holder.
  • The Adapter Arbor is Mounted into the Chuck for Grinding, Cutting Tiles, Wood, Aluminium, Metal Polishing and Finishing etc.
  • Triangle shaped shank design, for a firm secure grip in the drill chuck.
Bestseller Drill mandrel
Ballshop M10 16mm Disc Holder Angle Die Grinder Drill Wrench Nut Mandrel Spanner Adapter
  • Change shaft can be mounted in an electric drill grinding, cutting tiles, wood, metal polishing etc
  • Triangle shape shank design clipping the drill tighter no easy to shake and slip 10mm diameter nut.
  • Fit for 10mm above drill chuck and 16mm or less inner diameter cutting blades
  • It can change the the electric drill to angle grinder and cutting machine giving full play to the drill
  • The shank is fit for 8mm above drill chuck
Bestseller Drill mandrel
6PCS HSS Circular Saw Blades Mandrel Rotary Tool Set Fits Dremel Drills Rotary Cutting Blade
  • Hole diameter: 6.35mm; Extension rod: 3.2mm; Blade Diameter: 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm.
  • Made from strong HHS high-speed-steel for durability.
  • High Speed Steel blades set for accurate,fast and precision cutting.
  • Scope: This cutting is high-speed steel hard, can cut aluminum, wood, plastic, PVC pipe, etc. Is your home or professional engraving essential tools.
  • Saw Milling Cutter Uses: mainly used for stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, alloy, hard under the narrow and deep metal material groove processing or cut off. At the same time can also be used for plastic, wood and other non-metallic materials, milling.
Bestseller Drill mandrel
5pcs/set Mandrel Drill Bit For Pedicure Sanding Caps Feet Callus File Tools
  • 5 Different nail sanding cap sizes
  • High quality, essential tool for pedicure care, easily remove dead skin
  • Comes packed in a bit which is capable of holding more bits
  • Professional mandrel drill bits for pedicure/manicure sanding caps
  • For salon and home use

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Relaxdays Ground sleeve, floor dowel for screwing, adapter 40-52 mm, plastic, parasol drill, black
  • Secure stand: Enjoy cooling shade thanks to the earth plug - no more flying umbrellas
  • Flexible: ground sleeve with adaptors diameter approx. 40, 48 & 52 mm - For pole diameter: approx. 38, 40, 48 & 50 mm
  • For screwing: simply slide the pole through the holes and screw the lawn spike in two hands
  • For on the go: adapter and swivel rod can be stored in the stomach of the ground screw
  • Universal: for camping trips, beach visits or the garden – also as a ground spike for rotary washing lines
New Drill mandrel
FPPO 3" Inch Roll Lock Quick Change Disc,Surface Polishing Roloc Sanding Pad, 15pcs R Type w/Mandrel for Drill 75mm Nylon
  • 15PCS Fine Medium Coarse sanding discs comes with 1/4" shank disc pad holder, suitable for most die grinder.This Mixed packaging kit can satisfy almost of your general polishing requirements.
  • Quick Change Discs are fit for welding and autobody work finishing and prep.Superior in performance with good durability, plasticity and flexibility, high abrasion resistance and fast grinding force.
  • 3" Roll Lock Sanding Discs are widely application to stainless steel, standard or alloyed steel, non-ferrous materials and alloys, plastic and fiberglass, for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications .
  • Our Surface Conditioning Discs are torque spiral design with strong flexibility and long service life.
  • Package Included:5PCS Blue Fine Sanding Discs,5PCS Red Medium Sanding Discs,5PCS Brown Coarse Sanding Discs,1PC Mandrel
New Drill mandrel
100 Pcs Polishing Buffing Wheel Set Wool Felt Cotton Mounted 3/32 Shank Buff Wheels Shank Rotary Tools Accessories
  • 【Abrasive Buffing Wheel Set】Set of 100 PCS of Mounted Cotton Buffs, Polishing Tool, Fit Rotay Tools Grinder
  • 【Size】The diameter of the shank is 2.35mm
  • 【Repair The Dents】Buff wheels enable you to achieve a smooth, uniform finish and conformability to irregular surfaces with minimal smearing
  • 【Widely Applications】fit for various of polishing on your demand, such as rotary rools, grinder, jewelry, cleaning grills, and removing paint,fit for rotay tools grinder
  • 【Warm Note】The abrasive wheel is consumables, so that we offer 100 pieces for replacement while using
New Drill mandrel
PETSOLA 458 Pieces Grit #80-600 Sanding Bands for Nail Drill Bits File Manicure
  • SIZE:1/2 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch
  • APPLICATION: Commonest and standard size drum sander set which are widely applied in nut-, wood, metal, plastic, jade, circuit board and other DIY finishing and working.
  • PACKAGE: 432 sanding bands, 24 drum mandrels and 2 self-tightening drill chuck
  • GRIT: 80# 120# 240# 320# 400# 600#
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Drum mandrels with self-expanding rubber cushion, making the sanding bands close to the manderl firmly and achieving better finishing.
New Drill mandrel
Bonarty 12x Diamond Nail Drill Bits Set Sanding Bands for Electric Nail Files/Drill
  • Diamond Nail Bits set For Electric Nail /Drill
  • 3/32 inch stem that fits most standard professional electric nail
  • For filing, shaping, thinning, cleaning, and back-filling artificial enhancements
  • SET of 6 stainless steel diamond drill bits(including a mandrel bit) and 6 sanding bands in different grits
  • Nice set of diamond bits that will work well for . These diamond bits are for mostly smaller pieces because of the fine size. Having this set of diamond bits, you can just show your creativity as freely as you can.


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