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Bestseller M14 drill adaptor
StoneCraft Adapter M14 Thread Polishing Backing Pad to 8mm Round Shank for Drill, 45mm
  • Professional quality steel adapter for M14 backing pads.
  • Thread: M14
  • Drill Shank: 8mm. Overall length: 45mm.
  • For hand and power tools such as hand drills, core drills, power drills.
  • Help & Consultations: We provide a free consultation service from our European specialists. In case of any problems or questions - do not hesitate to contact us! We are B2B and B2C friendly. As EU registered company we can provide VAT invoices, please contact if needed.
Bestseller M14 drill adaptor
Silverline, 437202, Adapter with M14 Thread to 10 mm External Thread, 2-Pack, 45 mm
  • Steel Alloy Construction
  • Allows the use of a female M14 x 2 on drills
  • Parallel side nut for tightening and loosening
Bestseller M14 drill adaptor
Yosoo 7Pcs 5/6/7" Sponge Polishing Waxing Buffing Pads Kit Set Compound Auto Car Polisher + M14 Drill Adapter Kit (7")
  • Regular waxing and polishing set up a protective barrier against hostile attacks from the environment, your furniture and vehicle's appearance will be protected for years to come. Comes with M14 drill adapter
  • Used for all kinds of coat paints‘s waxing, polishing and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness
  • Used for auto car detail polishing, can be washed in cold water & reused
  • Complete professional wool and foam pads buffing, polishing and finishing system
  • Great to be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine
Bestseller M14 drill adaptor
Hook and Loop Backing Pad 125mm 5inch for Angle Grinder M14 + Drill Adaptor Polishing
  • Fits all 4" 5" 7" OR 9" grinders, sanders and polishers with M14 thread
  • 125mm Velcro Backing Pad, Hook and Loop Pad with drill attachment, sanding disc
  • Drill adaptor included
Bestseller M14 drill adaptor
5pcs 6inch Polisher/Buffer Soft Wool Bonnet Pad, Polishing Bonnets Lambs Woolen Polish Buffing Waxing Pads with M14 Drill Adapter for Car Polisher Polishing and Buffing
  • Thicker & High-Density Design: Polishing buffing pads are increase the thickness to make it last loner. High-density woolen polishing pad will provide greater ability to clean up dust and polish the car.
  • Material: Made of high-quality wool, softer and more durable than others, with long usage life, meet your polishing and washing requirements of your car.
  • Adhesive support design from back of the disk: Easy to replace the wool pad in seconds, 3 pieces for you to choose, you can reuse the woolen buffing pads after cleaning, very environmental and cost saving.
  • Multiuse: The wool pads can be used in pneumatic or electric polisher. Used for car detail polishing. Can be used for everything that needs to be polished or sanded, such as cars, vans, glass, stone and ceramics.
  • This is a set of 6 "polishing buffer sets for cars, including 3pcs woolen buffer,1 pcs M14 drill adapter, 1 suction cup, cleaning and buffing with 15-25 degree water.

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Best M14 drill adaptor
StoneCraft Adapter M14 Thread Polishing Backing Pad to 8mm Round Shank for Drill, 45mm
  • Professional quality steel adapter for M14 backing pads.
  • Thread: M14
Best M14 drill adaptor
Silverline, 437202, Adapter with M14 Thread to 10 mm External Thread, 2-Pack, 45 mm
  • Steel Alloy Construction
  • Allows the use of a female M14 x 2 on drills

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New M14 drill adaptor
Timetided 29Pcs Car Foam Drill Polishing Pad Kit 1.2/2/3 Inch Buffing Pads, Sponge Set Kit M14 Drill Adapter Power Tool Car Polisher - Multi-Color
  • 1. With a polishing sponge, a uniform finish can be achieved while reducing material loss due to spraying.
  • 2. Microfiber cloth, suitable for removing residues from cars before polishing.
New M14 drill adaptor
Xinqiankeji Steel Shining Pad Thread Change Drill Adapter for Backer Plate M14 Thread Change to 5/8"-11/M16 (Color : To M14)
  • Connect to the backer plate, 8mm shank connect on the drill.
  • 1/5 x Thread Change Drill Adapter

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