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Wera 887/4 RR SB Universal Ring Magnet Rapidaptor Bit Holder, 1/4" Drive x 57 mm, 05073511001
  • Bit-holder Rapidaptor 887/4 RR
  • Quality
  • Bit-holder Rapidaptor 887/4 RR
Bestseller Wurth drill bits
10pcs M35 HSS Cobalt Drill Bits HSS-CO Drill Bits Set Twist Drill Bits 5mm for Drilling on Stainless Steel
  • MATERIAL: Made of M35 material, includes 5% cobalt, high hardness, stable performance
  • HIGH QUALITY: with high surface finish, high grinding precision , the blade is sharp and durable in use
  • WIDE APPLICATION: ideal for drilling on stainless steel, cast iron, sheet metal, steel plate, Angle iron; widely used in the drilling of stainless steel plate, automobile spring steel and die steel
  • NOTE: The titanium drill bits set can NOT be used in the impact drill
  • After Sale Guarantee: We care for every customer's feeling. If this product does not meet or exceed your expectations, please do contact us first, we will solve the problem immediately.
Bestseller Wurth drill bits
Malayas 99pcs/Set Titanium Coated HSS High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set Tool 1.5mm - 10mm Drill Bit For Wood Plastic Aluminum
  • Material: High Speed Steel Surface, Titanium Coated, Containing 10 sizes: 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/3.2mm/3.5mm/4mm/4.5mm/ 5mm/5.5mm/6.5mm/8mm/10mm.
  • Good toughness of materials, wear resistance, drilling ability. Apply to: cast iron, copper, aluminum, plastic and wood.
  • Extremely high hardness, in the drilling work has excellent processing performance,All grinding sharp ligament sticky milling work hole smooth no burr.
  • Titanium Objective: to enhance the surface hardness of the drill to improve machining accuracy and improve the quality of the surface of the drill to reduce the friction coefficient with the workpiece processing, titanium and improve temperature resistance and wear resistance, thereby increasing the processing speed for high-speed processing.
  • Ideal For DIY, Home And General Building / Engineering Using.
DISCOUNTBestseller Wurth drill bits
2x Black effect Number Plate Surrounds Holder Frame for all cars ABS PC plastic
  • High-Quality, Made in Europe from innovative polycarbonate-ABS plastic. Tougher and more durable than traditional, made from PVC.
  • Fast and Easy fitting. No drilling or cutting required. Installation Manual in English attached.
  • Resistant to bad weather conditions (-20°C to 80°C). Water Resistant Overprint.
  • Set of springs in the frame rack reduces plate vibrations and annoying noise.
  • Adjustable fastening for plates in different height (108-117mm). Suitable for all longitudinal standard UK and EU registration plates.
Bestseller Wurth drill bits
Bosch Professional 8-piece Impact Control HSS Twist Drill Bit Set (Pick and Click, HEX-9, Accessories for Impact Drivers)
  • Extremely robust screwdriver bits with a special torsion zone are ideal for continuous use
  • Drill bits with diamond-cut cutting edges for high resistance to wear with materials of almost all kinds
  • Pick and Click system: The bit bundles engage securely in the click slots and you simply need to press the release tab to remove and change the bits
  • Suitable for impact drill drivers of all common brands
  • Scope of delivery: HEX-9 MultiConstruction 3.0/4.0/5.0 (2x)/6.0 (2x)/8.0 (2x) mm / PH1, PH2 (4x), PH3 / PZ2 (2x), PZ3 / T15, T20 (3x), T25 (3x), T30 (2x), T40 / PH2 / PZ2 / T15, T20, T25, T30 / Quick Release universal holder
Bestseller Wurth drill bits
Wera 05671386001 Pouch Empty Kraftform Kompakt for 20-pcs, Silver
  • Colour: Black/green
  • Pouch for screwdriver
  • For 20 pieces
  • Model number: 05671386001
DISCOUNTBestseller Wurth drill bits
Amtech F1120 Titanium Coated HSS Drill Set, 1/4-Inch
  • 1/4" hex shank titanium coated drill bits for longer life
  • Sizes: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0, 5.5, 6 and 6.5mm
  • Am-Tech branded
  • Perfect for both professionals and casual DIY-ers
  • Ideal gift
Bestseller Wurth drill bits
SJ-35 Forstner Drill Bits 35mm Kitchen Cupboard/Hinge Cup Drilling Hole Carbide for Furniture Door Hinge Hole
  • 35mm Carbide Tip Forstner Drill Bit
  • Drill flat bottomed holes without splintering
  • Drill straight, angled and overlapping holes
  • Three spurs and center spur to give repeated, clean and accurate hole cutting
  • Drill precise flat bottom holes with no chipping in any thickness of soft wood
DISCOUNTBestseller Wurth drill bits
Bestseller Wurth drill bits

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On this page you can find a list of products with their reviews and opinions issued by customers who have already purchased Wurth drill bits. Learn directly from other people's shopping experience: they are useful to understand the quality of the product, if it really corresponds to what is going to be shipped, if there are production defects or if there is anything else that you should know.Users who release reviews on Wurth drill bits give useful information not only about the purchasing experience but also about the use in real life, it is thanks to these feedback that you can learn valuable information about the product. The proposed list ranks products based on the votes received, positive opinions and relevance to the customer needs. Every product page includes product images that allow you to identify both strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Best Wurth drill bits
Draper 82398 Magnetic Bit Holder Set (127 Piece), Silver
  • Expert Quality
  • Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Bit holder with quick release collet allows bits to be expelled quickly and efficiently
  • Expert Quality
  • Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium Steel
Best Wurth drill bits
Bosch Professional 260925C158 8-Piece Control Screwdriver Metal/Wood Bit Set (Pick and Click, Impact Cordless Drill Driver Accessories)
  • Extremely robust screwdriver bits made from S2-modified steel with a special torsion zone, making them ideal for continuous load
  • The metal and wood drill bits with their oxide-coated fluted cutting edges ensure solid drilling results in metal and low wear
  • The drill bits are suitable for drilling in steel, iron and other metals
  • The impact control screwdriver bits are particularly suitable for use in impact drivers
  • Pick and Click System: Securely lock the bit bundles into the click slots or simply push the release tab for removal and replacement
Best Wurth drill bits
DISCOUNTBest Wurth drill bits
Bosch Professional 2607017082 7-Piece CYL-3 Concrete Drill Bit Set (for Concrete, Ø 4-10 mm, Accessories for Impact Drills)
  • Concrete drill bit set for professional results with concrete, masonry and lime sand brick
  • Scope of delivery: Drill bit Ø 4 / 5 / 6 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 mm
  • Compatibility: Can be used in all impact drills
  • High-performance drill bits with two cutters made of durable carbide for durability and good resistance. 2-flute U-shape for effective dust removal
  • Hammer-proof drill bits according to ISO 5468. Particularly effective in drilling dowel holes
DISCOUNTBest Wurth drill bits
2x Black effect Number Plate Surrounds Holder Frame for all cars ABS PC plastic
  • High-Quality, Made in Europe from innovative polycarbonate-ABS plastic. Tougher and more durable than traditional, made from PVC.
  • Fast and Easy fitting. No drilling or cutting required. Installation Manual in English attached.
  • Resistant to bad weather conditions (-20°C to 80°C). Water Resistant Overprint.
  • Set of springs in the frame rack reduces plate vibrations and annoying noise.
  • Adjustable fastening for plates in different height (108-117mm). Suitable for all longitudinal standard UK and EU registration plates.


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New Wurth drill bits
SCHWABENBACH Professional Bit Holder Long 500 mm 1/4 Inch Extension Bit Holder for Bits with Solid Metal Notch Premium Quality Bit Extension Extra Strong E6.3 Bit Holder
  • Easy and efficient changing of bits thanks to quick change function. Thanks to the lock, the tool has a secure hold of the bits.
  • Durable – A robust construction and the high-quality wear-free components ensure unlimited service life.
  • Perfect fit: the bits sit securely and without playing in the holder. In contrast to other brackets, the bit holder from Schwabenbach is very reliable and has a super concentricity.
  • Quick and easy to use – bit extension not only makes it easier to change bits, they also serve as an adapter, so a drill can be used for screwing. At the same time, a bit holder is also an effective extension of the bit.
  • - To make the purchase decision easier, we take the risk and give you our promise: if for a reason you are not satisfied with our holder, you will receive your money back - up to 60 days after purchase!
New Wurth drill bits
Drill Bit 5-10Pcs Glass Drill Bit for Metal Steel Porcelain Ceramic Tile Concrete Brick Plastic Wood 3/4/5/6/8/10/12mm-_7pcs
  • Evacuation of chips is stronger and punching is faster
  • The drill bit uses alloy material super hard alloy material blade drill bit, which is convenient and quick to drill
  • After milling, rolling, quenching, tempering, and grinding
  • When the tip is centered and the two-edge symmetrical drilling is performed, the aperture will not be enlarged without vibration
  • This is used for hard and brittle ceramic materials, such as ceramics, tiles, marble, concrete, glass, aluminum, metal sheets, etc
New Wurth drill bits
SEDION Sedion Diamond Rounding Cutter 35 mm x R15 - For Rounding Hard Tiles, Porcelain Stoneware, Granite, Marble etc. - Radius Cutter - Premium Quality Edge Cutter for Drills - Profile Cutter R 15
  • Suitable for hardening materials – perfect for easy radius milling of porcelain stoneware, ceramics, natural stone tiles, marble, granite, hard floor tiles, glazed clinker brick, brick straps, stone slabs, hard roof tiles
  • Quick door grinding – thanks to the sharp ground and extremely hard diamonds, the edge cutter ensures a clean and quick rounding. In addition, it has a long service life.
  • Suitable for all types of drill bits and cutters – diamond cutter with universal round shaft attachment 10 mm. For use with drills and cordless screwdrivers with. The radius cutter 5 mm fits: Makita, Bosch, Metabo, Festool, Parkside (and more in description).
  • High resistance – thanks to the vacuum soldered diamonds, it has a long service life. In addition, it is high quality and temperature resistant.
  • 30 DAYS TO RETURN - To make your purchase decision easier, we take the risk on us and give you our promise: if you are not satisfied with our cutter for a reason, you will receive your money back - up to 60 days after purchase.
New Wurth drill bits
TWIN-TOWN Diamond Tile Dry Drill Bit / Diamond Hole Saw Diameter 50 mm M14 Mounting for Tiles, Ceramics, Granite, Glass, Porcelain, For Use in All Standard Electric and Battery Angle Grinders
  • Application:Suitable for hard ceramics, thin granite and marble slabs, hard fired bricks. Especially suitable for tiles and porcelain stoneware with a material thickness of up to 15 mm.
  • 50 mm diameter, M14 attachment: specially developed diamond core bit for dry drilling even the hardest materials such as porcelain stoneware for use on angle grinders of the brands Bosch, Makita, Festool, Flex, Metabo, Würth, Einhell, Hitachi, Milwaukee, DeWalt and others with M14 thread spindle.
  • Fast drilling: vacuum diamond coating For longer drilling, from approx. 30 seconds, short cooling breaks must be taken.
  • Easy removal of drill core: < 50 mm diameter with side slots. From diameter 50 mm with side slots and additional holes.
  • Drilling instructions: set at an angle when the crown is running, then gradually set vertically. Slightly circular drilling movements increase the drilling speed and protect the drill bit.
New Wurth drill bits
Wera 967SPKL/9BO Multicolour TX-Key Set, TX8 - TX40, 9pc, 05073599001 & 335/350/355/3 Kraftform Plus Extra-Long Screwdriver Set, PH/PZ/SL, 3pc, 05347735002
  • Product 1: Nine piece TORX BO key set, black laser with two component tool storage clip
  • Product 1: Ball-end and tamperproof features for angled access and security screws
  • Product 1: Coloured thermoplastic sleeves ensures comfortable and fast tool selection
  • Product 1: Precision machined tips for accurate fit
  • Product 2: Extra long series


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